Quarterly Online Workshops 4 Weeks Long with Christian Emphasis

Athanatos Christian Ministries is an apologetics organization devoted to defending the Christian faith.  This defense is mounted in various ways, including raising up Christians in their diverse vocations to represent Christ and the Christian world view in the midst of secular professions.

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Athanatos Writing Workshops further ACM’s mission to encourage and support Christian authors in their quest to promote Christianity through the written word. ACM contest judge, Debbie Thompson, holds these periodic writing workshops over the Internet, allowing you to participate from around the world at your own pace.

[Many other courses are regularly offered at our online academy.]

Cost:  $100 for an intensive four week course.

Debbie Thompson is a book reviewer for Northwestern Publishing House and a Christian Book Club leader.  A graduate with a BA from Concordia College, Ann Arbor she is the mother of two home school graduates.  She is a judge for ACM’s writing contest and a volunteer staffer and a Writing and Home school Coach.

Email her: debbie@athanatosministries.org.

Other workshops Debbie has led in the past: Writing/Logic connection, The Reader’s Journal Approach to Writing and Thinking, Writing with Young Children

Topics to be covered in this workshop:

  • Implicit and Explicit Christian themes
  • Characteristics of the Short Story
  • Good Beginnings
  • Good Endings
  • The plot
  • Editing and review
  • Discussion of this year’s winners
  • Building your ability to write

ACM reserves the right to cancel an event if it deems necessary (ie, a minimum participation threshold is not reached) and will refund the workshop fee if this happens.

The course is hosted at ACM’s online academy.  To take the course, register for a user account, login, and then proceed to the workshop page and submit the $100 payment. At that point, you will be automatically enrolled in the course.


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